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Superintendent Message


We know that choosing a school is one of the most influential decisions that a family can make. 

At LCA, we have been shaping hearts and minds since 1974. We believe strongly in the spiritual, relational, educational, and physical development of each student and are blessed to have faculty that is both professionally accomplished and deeply passionate about preparing every student to identify their God-given giftedness. It is our great joy to partner with families as we help students embrace and develop in their giftedness as they journey from childhood to adulthood. God has called each pastor, administrator, teacher, and coach at LCA to prepare students to be leaders, influencers, and soldiers in Christ within their community. 

Our campus is full of students who are excited about learning, eager in participating, and experiencing an authentic Christian community. Partnering along with families is a key factor in LCA's success as we strive to keep God our priority, while giving each student exceptional education. We are proud of the way that LCA has provided God-fearing, resilient, high-achieving, Spirit-filled students. 

Devin Lantier,

Superintendent of Lafayette Christian Academy

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