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LCA is a school based upon the Word of God. We exist to train students in the way of life that is presented in the scriptures, while attaining access to an excellent education. The goal of our school is to minister to each student's mind, soul, and body with subjects taught from a Christian perspective.


Academic Excellence

We offer both a general diploma, as well as college prep diploma. We have consistently scored in the 65-75 percentile range as a school over the past 10 years. Our ACT scores are higher than the state and the national averages. We are dedicated to teaching a child as much as possible during each class. Our classrooms are structured and disciplined while providing an open and friendly setting that allows students to contribute.


Christ-Centered Environment

The use of "Christian Based" curriculums not only give our students a strong academic advantage, but also a Biblical viewpoint of learning. Students are instructed by qualified and dedicated faculty and staff. Each student's unique gifts are encouraged, fostered and developed in a loving, supportive environment. With classes ranging from Bible Education to Business Law, Lafayette Christian Academy is on the forefront of education.


Academic & Service Clubs

Our Clubs at LCA are centered around creating personal connections with each other and our community. We work with students to develop communication and relationship skills. We nurture our students fervently and urgently to act intentionally, to inspire excellence, to live without artistic fear, and to become lifelong learners. We help them better understand themselves and each other, leading them to a deeper, developed quality of work and life. 


Athletic Programs

The LCA Athletic Department raises the bar every year. Our student athletes have the ability to build character and confidence in and out of the classroom. Athletics play an important role in many of our students' lives, and we believe that it is a privilege to develop each athlete into an integrated person- one who is spiritually alert, and physically disciplined.

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