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Activity/Event Request Form

This form is designed to help us avoid any scheduling conflicts among the various departments. Your activity may require multiple signatures. Please fill in top sections completely and return to the school office in a timely manner. Write "NA" if a blank does not apply. If more space is needed, make notes in the comment section.

Does this activity include a hotel stay?

If you need hotel rooms, get a quote from Mr. Broussard.

Have you requested a sub?

A sub will only be obtained after your request has been approved by administration.

FYI: Activities involving both high school students and any Pre K-8th students require both Mrs. Koch's and Mr. Broussard's approval. Activities that take place during a Sunday or Wednesday after school require approval from Pastor Tessy. ALL overnight activities require Mr. Lantier's approval.

This section is to be completed by the office.

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